Building a Dubstep Kick with Operator

4 Part Video Tutorial Series on Building a Dubstep Kick Drum using Operator and Effects Native to Ableton Live!

The Goal

We set out on this journey attempting to make a fat dubstep kick drum. We accomplish that! On top of the sub end made with Live’s FM Synth Operator we add a ton of character to the rest of the frequency spectrum with 2 additional instances of Operator.

After we have all 3 synths knocking hard together we wrap them up into an instrument rack. Each device chain gets dedicated audio effects that suit them. We will then map some parameters to the macro knobs for the rack.

After that we will proceed to re-rack that rack and add a set of group effects and map a few more macros to the new knobs for master control.

In the end we will have a versatile and bad ass kick drum machine!


Here is the Macro Mapping Settings for the main Rack Group and the Operator Chain Instrument Rack



Video Tutorial – Part 1 | The Bass End

Video Tutorial – Part 2 | The High End Sparkle

Video Tutorial – Part 3 | The Mid Range Punch

Video Tutorial – Part 4 | The Final Racks

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