EDM Music Production Tips for 2016

So with 2016 looming and 2015 coming to a close, we’re all wondering what’s in store for our music in the new year. What can we do to improve our music production in 2016? Here’s some EDM production tips from some of the biggest artists. Madeon 1. “I mix my snares quite oddly in anticipation […]

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Building a Dubstep Kick with Operator

4 Part Video Tutorial Series on Building a Dubstep Kick Drum using Operator and Effects Native to Ableton Live! The Goal We set out on this journey attempting to make a fat dubstep kick drum. We accomplish that! On top of the sub end made with Live’s FM Synth Operator we add a ton of […]

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#SpartanSoundsTips ‘Limiting’

When you're using a limiter across a full mix, keep the reduction meter peaking at about 3-4dB at most. Any more than that, and you risk damaging the dynamics of the track and causing audible damage to the signal. You can push it much harder on individual track elements, though

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Spire vst video tutorial ‘Feed Me’

Spire presets series. ‘Feed Me-Spire tutorial’ In this video, our friends at ARTFX Studios go into detail on how to create that iconic ‘Feed Me’ Style saw with Spire Vst. This spire preset tutorial will end in you being able to replicate a talking sort of of baseline that isn’t only heard in ‘Feed Me’ […]

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