EDM Music Production Tips for 2016

So with 2016 looming and 2015 coming to a close, we’re all wondering what’s in store for our music in the new year. What can we do to improve our music production in 2016? Here’s some EDM production tips from some of the biggest artists.


edm production

1. “I mix my snares quite oddly in anticipation of my mastering. I’ll always test my drums with a mastering chain on to make sure they still feel punchy and snappy.” – Madeon

2. “Avoid redundancy – There’s no need to have two simultaneous chorded instruments with loud highs… having snappy, fast decaying highs on rhythmical elements can go a long way.” – Madeon

3. “Good engineering comes with time. Meaningful composition should come first.” –Madeon



edm production

4. “You can use Ozone’s stereo imaging and take frequencies above seven thousand [7 kHz], or even a little bit lower, and you can widen everything up there, so that the mix starts to sound a lot wider.” – Skrillex

5. “It’s all about the three pieces that make a really nice drum sound. You need a nice transient in the beginning, and then the note around the 200-hertz frequency that gives it that boof, and then a tail, which can be anything.” – Skrillex


Seven Lions

edm production

6. “working in audio and clipping your reverb and delay tails is really important, plus you get all the freedom to really manipulate the audio in cool ways… ALWAYS bounce your audio.” – Seven Lions

7. “make sure you are mixing in a proper environment. Just a small amount of treatment in your room could go a long way. Invest in some monitors (dont need to be top of the line) and get familiar with them.” – Seven Lions

8.TAKE BREAKS. come back to it with fresh ears. thats when you will notice if things arent right. I take short breaks all the time and then listen back, sometimes I will even take notes during the first listen after a break.” – Seven Lions



edm production

9. “I try to work very quickly but then I listen to the project over 100,000 times” –Baauer


Porter Robinson

edm production


11. “i’m way more interested in ideas now and less in the technicals of music production. a lot of my favorite music these days is underproduced or imperfect-sounding, but if the ideas and chords and concept is there, i’ll love it.” – Porter Robinson

12. “sample selection is so so so so so much more important than any kind of post-processing. i remember being a new producer and wasting sooo much effort trying to EQ a sh*t kickdrum into sounding good and it wasn’t productive.” – Porter Robinson

13. “getting the relative volume levels of each instrument correct is a more important task than EQing. new producers often prefer a sound after it’s been EQed and in many cases it’s only because the levels have changed” – Porter Robinson

14. “don’t abide by hard mixdown rules or mix with your eyes rather than your ears. i remember abiding so strictly to the rules i got from my old music production forums and just so, so much of it was misinformation” – Porter Robinson


The M Machine

edm production

15. “the final sound of a song is so related to mixing, and mastering is really almost an extension of that process… we use Ozone 5 almost exclusively now – it’s a really awesome plugin.” – The M Machine

16. “it’s better to fix ‘mix issues,’ too much bass, too sharp drums, etc. in the mix when they present a problem during mastering, rather than attack the whole track with EQ or other processing. Oftentimes it’s one element of the track – sub bass, or a high hat that’s too loud, that prevents a master job from working right.” – The M Machine

17. “Here’s something I like to think about concerning loudness… You have a verydiscrete amount of digital headroom with which to fill before you begin to clip/distort right? So as you begin to layer layer layer layer sounds, essentially you are necessarily bringing the volume of each individual noise DOWN to make room. This has a significant effect on “perceived loudness.” The easiest example to see this in action is to listen to an artist like Arojack — dude often writes tracks that are simply drums and a lead synth. As a result his music is often Noticably “louder” then someone like ours (for example) even tho we are both filling up the same amount of digital space. The rule of thumb then… Issimpler is often louder.” – The M Machine

18. “A good mix is ALL about an experienced ear. No matter how many techniques, plug ins and forums you cover… nothing replaces a seasoned ear. You just need to RECOGNIZE when you have a good sound… Practice makes perfect couldn’t be more accurate” – The M Machine


The Glitch Mob

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19. “We do tune our drums a lot of the time. It’s a personal preference – it’s not necessary, but we just like the effect it has. mainly the kicks, especially if they’re really sub heavy.” – The Glitch Mob

20. “good general advice though: spend less time on the internet and more time in the studio” – The Glitch Mob

21. “we leave the sound design tricks to the VERY end of the song. it’s the last thing we do. we focus on the melody, harmony, song structure, vibe, transitions… everything. then once that’s good we go in and work on the details to make it sonically come to life” – The Glitch Mob

22. “we spend a LOT of time on our drums. they are the meat of our mixdown. we layer them – sometimes one kick drum will be a combination or 4-5 samples.” – The Glitch Mob

23. “always solo your tracks and make sure to cut out the low frequency of stuff if it doesnt need to be there. you’d be surprised how many samples or synths have hidden low frequency noise that is mudding up your mixes.” – The Glitch Mob

24. “sometimes we will start with presets and effect them heavily into a totally different sound. Don’t let people tell you that you’re not a real producer if you use presets. That’s not true. A good sound is a good sound. It’s all about how you put it all together.” – The Glitch Mob


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