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Nostalgic Circuits

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Product Description

‘Nostalgic Circuits’ is a collection of 130 presets for U-he DIVA, and a gold mine for anyone who loves the sounds of the 70s and 80s. You will find plenty of buttery, vintage ear-candy in here, useful for a very wide variety of musical genres, but all patches having that distinctively old school character.

Genres: 80s, Ambient, Funk, Hip Hop, Pop, House, Breakbeat, Minimal Techno, Rock

About the Producer:

Bryan ‘Xenos’ Lee has worked as a sound designer for such companies as Native Instruments, Cakewalk, Rob Papen Inspiration Soundware, ReFX, Camel Audio, Image-Line and many more. His work is found in several Maschine expansions and the factory presets of such synths as Z3ta 2, Alchemy, Kontour, Rounds, Gladiator, Punch, Toxic Biohazard, Scanned Synth Pro 2, Chipsounds, DCAM Synth Squad, D.I.V.A., etc. He is also very active in developing his own brand, Xenos Soundworks.

Patch List

BA Analog FM 1
BA Analog FM 2
BA BassBiter
BA Bassburger
BA Classic Juno
BA Classic Saw Bass
BA Deep Ana
BA Digi Ana
BA Doom Drone
BA Dragon Fruit
BA Echo Bass
BA Fingered Bass
BA Freshly Squeezed
BA Full Figured
BA Gritty MS
BA Jupiter Bass
BA Left Jab
BA Liquorice Flavor
BA Mongrel Moog
BA New Wave
BA Ozone Scent
BA Prime Cut Beef
BA Quantum Bits
BA Rebound
BA Red Hue
BA Rezzo Wow Bass
BA Ring Mod Bass
BA Simple Sub
BA Sulfur
BA Supersize Me
BA Wow Bass
BA X-Rated
BL Alpha Bells
BL Analog Chimes
BL Analog Marimba
BL Asian Bells
BL Drain Tunnels
BL Heaven’s Bliss
BL Sugar Treats
BL Sweet Bells
BL Zen Bells
BR Analog Orchestra
BR Bass Sax
BR Sax Section
BR Solo Trumpet
BR Staccato Brass
BR Vintage Brass 1
BR Vintage Brass 2
BR Vintage Brass 3